Apr 13, 2017
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Washington National Guard’s 10th Civil Support Team's Military / Civil Interopererability Vehicle

The Washington National Guard’s 10th Civil Support Team (WMD CST) identifies and assesses suspected Weapons of Mass Destruction hazards, advises civilian responders on appropriate actions through on-site testing and expert consultation, and facilitates the arrival of additional state and federal military forces. The team can be en route within three hours to support civil authorities.

The mission of the communications section is to act as a common support communications node at an incident site to maintain interteam and intrateam communications. The communications section conducts a wide variety of tasks at an incident site. The section provides voice, data and video communications through a variety of networks designed to support the Civil Support Team operations and civil and military agencies. The Unified Command Suite (UCS) has the ability to cross-band multiple radio systems to allow uniform communication across multiple agencies. The UCS can also establish and maintain communications within the entire CST footprint and with higher headquarters, other responding elements and reach back Subject Matter Experts. Often, the UCS augments incident command communications as available and within its capabilities. Lastly, the UCS and communications section coordinates with civilian and military agencies for follow-on support.

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