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Mar 10, 2016
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About the Academy

Our 2019 Communications Academy theme is:


Communications Academy is a non-profit coalition of volunteer communications teams to provide a high quality, professional-grade training opportunity for the various emergency communications teams around the Pacific Northwest. By providing a once-a-year large-scale venue for training, volunteer communicators are exposed to topics in emergency management, communications techniques and protocols, real-life emergency responses, and other pertinent subjects, which might not otherwise be available to them.

In past years the academy has been able to attract several nationally known speakers for the keynote sessions.

The Communications Academy is open to anyone with an interest in emergency communications, volunteer or professional. The presentations are designed to promote the development of knowledgeable, skilled emergency communicators who will support their local communities during a disaster or emergency response.

The planning committee for the Communications Academy includes members from the following volunteer communications organizations:

  • Kirk Bellar, N7UK, Shoreline EC; ARES/RACES of King County, Assistant DEC
  • Jim Monson, K7JGM, ARES/RACES of King County, DEC
  • Jon Newstrom, KL7GT, Seattle ACS
  • Ron Zuber, N4RDZ, Seattle ACS
  • Jon Bromberg, W1JDB, Eastside Fire & Rescue
  • John Spady, WA7UAR, Seattle ACS
  • Richard Green, KR7L, W. WA. Medical Services Communications
  • Alan Jones, KD7KUS, W. WA. Medical Services Communications
  • Lisa Marker, K7LAM,  Shoreline ACS
  • Mark Shepard, N7LYE, Seattle ACS RACES Officer
  • Carl Leon, N7KUW, Seattle ACS
  • Marina Zuetell, N7LSL, W. WA. Medical Services Communications, ASEC
  • James Zuetell, KC7KBS, W. WA. Medical Services Communications
  • Rick Hodges, KB7TBF
  • Joel Ware, KD7QKK, Seattle ACS, W.WA. Medical Services Comm.
  • Scott Honaker, N7SS, Snohomish County DEM Radio Officer
  • Scott Currie, NS7C, City of Auburn Emergency Management
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